Do change differently

Technology transformation

We help to modernise IT and apply lean principles

Do change differently

Technology transformation

We help to modernise IT and apply lean principles

We help organisations build contemporary technology capabilities and apply lean principles required to compete in the fast-moving digital world.

Technology and data are increasingly at the centre of your customer touchpoints making customer satisfaction increasingly reliant on the performance of your IT function. A modern, fit for purpose, capital efficient technology capability underpins any enterprises’ commercial success in the digital era.

Technology transformation will accelerate your IT function’s outputs and deliver your business objectives through a new technology landscape.

How we support your organisation's technology transformation

  • Create a vision for how technology can enable the broader business strategy.
  • Define an operating model and required architecture to reorganise IT into autonomous agile product or service teams for value delivery and speed.
  • Define which foundational technical enablers need to be setup to enable this shift e.g. Cloud, API’s, DevOps, and automation.
  • Support the communication and case towards executive level by connecting foundational tech change to business purpose – gaining buy-in for investment.
  • Help internalise and leverage new technologies and tooling (e.g. where and how to provide shared services for knowledge sharing, training and experts) to speed up the learning curve of each (agile) team.
  • Kick-off DevOps practices by defining the setup and requirements of Standard Operating Procedures, automated monitoring services, enterprise reliability services, and site reliability engineering practices.
  • Define a rollout plan for the migration of Operations activities.
  • Help drive a stable and scalable landscape and decentral decision making by detailing Enterprise Architecture (EA) principles for product teams, in the areas of modular architecture, cloud-native development, services architecture, the use of a data and API platform, and security and compliance. Develop plans to get existing solutions in line with the EA principles.
  • Augment the organisation with specialists in fields such as DevOps, Cloud, and data science, to supercharge a transformation and transfer knowledge to the team.

How we do things differently

Independent talent

We cherry pick the best independent professionals to match your needs, blending teams from top consulting firms and blue chip companies. Our independent professionals have strong backgrounds from Tier 1 consulting firms or top industry brands.

Tailored solutions

No cookie cutter solutions. We want to bring a lasting, positive impact to your organisation. To do so, we tailor our approach to your needs, standards and industry best practices. Co-creating real value, in a flexible fit-for-purpose model.

Lean resource model

We only focus on doing our best work for you. There is no army of consultants coming in, we have low overheads - but work and deliver still outcome based. We guarantee to get you top talent and teams to help you achieve your every digital goal.

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