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Plugging your technology together has never been as easy as it is with our rapid approach to technology and data integration. Don’t allow room for complaints about disjointed processes and inconsistent data.

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A few of the brands we work with...

What we do & how we do it?

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We believe that creating great technology solutions requires a combination of diverse specialisms. We are uniquely positioned to merge Design, Software Engineering and Consulting to deliver outstanding results.

Design, software engineering and consulting are all crafts that require experience and specialism to excel. Not many people can do more than one well.

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We help businesses become more seamless using modern technology integration approaches.

Creating useable integration architectures

Defining data and standards

Implementing cloud based integration platforms

Streaming data

Decoupling legacy applications to increase speed

Building APIs

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How are we different?

Our teams

Our methodologies

Our culture

are built from our vetted network of top-tier independent contractors. This means that we can tailor teams from diverse specialisms. And you don’t have to deal with the politics and baggage of a traditional firm.

for delivering solutions to our clients take the best of these specialisms and are executed by practitioners who are experienced in using them.

is digital-first. We are a digital business disrupting incumbents in our own industry by using the best of each of these specialisms. We only work with people with the same mindset to provide you with a truly differentiating solution.

Who are we?

André Azadehdel

Foundry Director

20 years of experience delivering tech enabled change to a diverse set of organisations and industries. Co-founder of Riverflex and an ExCo level international CIO of a NYSE listed business.

Worked with organisations such as Canon, Pfizer, O2 (Telefonica), BUPA, Royal Mail and Transport for London.


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Prem Lakshminarayanan

Foundry Tech Lead

15 years of experience in tech delivery management with a diverse digital background including Media, Retail, Telco & Travel Industry experience. 

Experience in delivering numerous complex integration projects for  organisations such as O2 (Telefonica), Clifford Chance, Argo, Clear Channel International and Ahold Delhaize.

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Nick Sloper

Foundry Integration Lead

Over 20 years’ experience and expertise in API and SOA led architectures with specialism in data & integration.

Worked with organisations such as Hilti, HSBC, John Lewis Partnership, Sainsbury’s, InterSport, Costa and DHL.

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We can support you on multiple projects from rapidly validating a new commercial idea, scaling a digital product, integrating technology together, automating internal business operations or getting the most out of your data.

Get value from your data
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Learn how we helped a global advertising business trade with it’s customers via externally facing APIs.

How do we help our customers succeed?

We act as catalysts and enablers for our clients to succeed. We provide solutions to the hardest technology integration challenges.

Building an enterprise data lake and pipeline

An API led approach to a cloud based integration platform

Learn how we helped an international outdoor group integrate their data and tech across brands to enable a better customer experience, improve speed to market and achieve economies of scale.

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Build great digital products

How do we approach 


We work with two different “styles” of technology. Lots of our clients sit in one camp or the other. Some utilise both depending on the type of problem they are trying to solve. One isn’t better than the other, it just depends on the context. But in our experience they require different approaches and skillsets. We have them both.

The start-up stack

Heavily centred around technology that is open-source which is more cutting edge, fragmented and experimental.

We use

AWS, Java, Python, Serverless, React, Kafka, Tensorflow, Quicksight etc.

What are the benefits?

Open and flexible

Use the “right” tech rather than one vendor

Quicker access to innovation

Easier to find adaptable polyglot engineers

The corporate stack

Heavily centred around proprietary technology supplied by established tech companies with mature, rationalised and proven offerings.

We use

MS Azure (E.g. Logic Apps, Data Bricks, Power BI), Salesforce (E.g. Mulesoft, Tableu), .NET, OKTA etc.

What are the benefits?

Allows use of one ecosystem (e.g. MS, Oracle)

Easier to integrate

Proven and robust

May constrain differentiation

Less open and flexible

More specialised skillsets