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A little bit about us.

We want to create a new consulting model that is fair and more rewarding. Providing the best of both worlds between consulting and freelancing, giving you the flexibility of freelancing and building your own business with some of the benefits of being part of a bigger organisation.

How we do that?

Signing up with us doesn't mean that you will be part of an anonymous database - we encourage you to connect with other top professionals expanding your network via our app. Or, instead of us just reaching out to you, you can also use our network to find the best people for your own opportunities (for free!). And when you have a great opportunity outside of your own area of expertise, we are here to help you pitch!

Our working process

Riverflex strives to deliver the highest quality of work for our clients. This translates into the way we work with our partner consultants, giving them enabling support and guidance throughout the project delivery life cycle.


Collaborating with the top consulting and industry specialists

We connect you to our network of the best available consultants to build your own network and tap into the collective wisdom of the most experienced consultants. When we put teams together so that you are supported on your projects by working with the best available resources in the business.


Taking care of your contracting and admin

We provide support not only with ensuring you have the right contracts and agreements in place, but we also guide you on how to protect your business with the right insurances. When working with us you will typically sign these agreements:

  • MNDA – This protects all parties in relation to sensitive client and project information.
  • Services Agreement – These include our terms of service and outline the contractual elements of working with Riverflex.
  • Delivery Agreement – This outlines the details of the project including outputs, deliverables and rates.

We will also support you with your timesheets and invoicing and set you up to submit days worked and project expenses.


Support during project onboarding

Here we get you ready for the project itself including sharing project and client context and details, toolkits and setting up the system accesses you need for the duration of the project.

What does this involve?

  • Outlook Email account, Teams account and supporting knowledge/assets from our library.
  • Project and client context and documentation.
  • Presentation templates, signatures and contact points.


Quality Management

Our quality management process helps to enable satisfied and empowered clients. It builds a trust relationship between the client, Riverflex and our consultants staffed on the project. (have expectations that we want to work with quality professionals)

What does this involve?

  • Transparently and collaboratively agreeing project outputs
  • Gathering ongoing project reviews and feedback from the client and internal teams.
  • Continuous feedback and growth insights for your own personal development.



After a successful project delivery, we will wrap up the project with a final feedback session. We’re always looking for ways to improve our ways of working and appreciate any new ideas, suggestions or concerns our consultants may have had during their time working with us. We will also let you know how to stay connected for the future.

If you would like to know more about working with Riverflex, feel free to reach out to Urvashi at

Why consultants like working with us

  • Our working process enables and sets our consultants up for success.
  • We support a Quality Management process that creates pre-defined alignment between consultants and the clients.
  • We become the central point of contact for our consultants, saving them time negotiating and contracting with clients.
  • We offer a place where personal relationships and loyalty are nurtured within the Riverflex brand. This helps ellicit referrals and more opportunities in the future.

What consultants say about working with Riverflex

Stefanie Knoren
Clients: Azelis, Fenix Outdoor

I have been working with Riverflex on quite a few projects with a focus on strategic design and customer experience. I am looking forward to 2021 with even more projects with Riverflex and working with great people there that I am really grateful for.

Tom Marston
Clients: Ahold Delhaize, PVH and Fenix Outdoor

I’ve known Riverflex for about 3 years which seems a long time ago. I’ve been working with them for the last 14 months on projects for Ahold Delhaize, PVH and Fenix Outdoor. I’ve really enjoyed working with Riverflex, especially with their focus on developing digital capabilities across IT and operations. Their networked model of consulting brings together people with their expertise to support client needs whether that’s a skillset or area of knowledge in industry. A big thank you to the Riverflex core team for all the hard work that goes on in connecting opportunities to the network, and supporting with project delivery as well, making sure that the quality is where it should be.

Andrew Craig
Clients: PMI, Fenix Outdoor

I’ve been working with Riverflex since February 2020. I would like to say thank you to all the Riverflex team members for all the hard work that happens. I only see some of this but I know there is lots of work that happens which I don’t see. I look forward to having the opportunity to working with more of the team on bigger projects.

Peter Brown

I’ve been working with Riverflex for the last 18months on Albert Heijn, PVH and Fenix Outdoor. It’s been some of the most interesting work that I’ve done as an independent consultant and I’m really looking forward to the next project.

Dean Latchana

I’ve been working with Riverflex to helping a client transform their ways of working. It’s been fantastic getting such awesome support from many people at Riverflex. You’ve helped me find new ways to support the client to deliver value to their customers in an increasingly rapidly, changing world.

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